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All your favorite No Legs No Problem TV content is right here! Select past and all future episodes will be available here for viewers, as well as Behind-The-Scenes and other perks if you would like to become a Subscriber or Producer!

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Change can hurt, especially updating and upgrading a website! We are currently migrating all NLNP content from YouTube to here and until everything is done this site will be a hot mess, so please bear with us!

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NLNP content can be viewed on phones, tablets, computers and even cast to your television! There will soon be an option to add No Legs No Problem TV as an app on your iOS, Android, or Chrome Browser based devices!

· Frequently Asked Questions

I have been creating content on YT since 2011. Over the last 10+ years I have watched more and more censorship happen on the platform, and recently have experienced it for myself. I never wanted to make YT a job and only monetized to help out with a few expenses like camera upgrades and equipment, so making money has never been my goal with NLNP. 

I have had absolute milquetoast videos de-monetized, and yet YT still runs ads on my content. I followed all the copyright rules for music, and still constantly fight copyright strikes over free music YT provided. It stopped being fun, and as a libertarian minded adult I really disliked all the control of my content being taken from me.

Last but not least, Anon Trolls become tiring in the comments.

Nope! Never! All the normal content you have enjoyed on the NLNP YouTube channel will be available at no cost to you, and WITHOUT those annoying YouTube ads! If you want to become a supporter or producer for behind-the-scenes and other content those are also options.

The main content for NLNP is hosted on Odysee. I really like the platform because there aren’t much in the way of ads, and I get paid for views in crypto tokens! Odysee also has a Roku app (Odysee Unofficial in channels) so it’s easy to view on your TV.

Between a bad BD attack and the Covid-19 pandemic content has been sporadic since early 2020. all of the pre-covid content can be found on both Odysee and Bitchute.

Merch will be returning soon, but hosted and fulfilled by another site.

You don’t need an account to watch the first few episodes of the vlog, or any of the episodes of the weekly Get Off The Couch show! The weekly show will always be available at no charge w/o annoying YT pop-in ads, and no login is needed to watch.

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